Cleaning Tools

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Cleaning Tools

Post by Admin on Wed Dec 04, 2013 10:46 am

Cleaning kits and tools is also  necessary when repairing specially when working wet units, corroded or rusted PCP boards. Some cleaning tools may found at household or home products and not so hard to find and prepare it.  here's; some cleaning tools that may you find at  home.

Brushes can help eliminate and wipe dust on PCB Components.Make sure that the brushes you may use have low electrostatic ability.

A cotton cloth or sponge and cotton buds which help to wipe extra solvents, dust,rust and dirt.

Anti Static Spray or liquids used to eliminate water residues and corrosive element in PCB component.
A lacquer thinner is a substitute to anti static cleaner and commonly and widely used by many technician's.

An Ultrasonic Cleaner- A machine that cleans by using a fluid that is vibrated at 20,000 cycles per second. When the vibration speed rises above the ultrasonic frequency level, bubbles explode and generate strong power, cleaning the surfaces and cavities of hard-to-clean objects.

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